RIBBY™ Ankle Foot Orthosis

RIBBY™ Orthosis is a custom fit, Articulated AFO. RIBBY™ Orthosis is an alternative, immediate way to manage the rehab patient's orthotic care 24/7 from the initial onset of his or her accident. The RIBBY™ Orthosis incorporates the functions of Ambulation, Stability and Positive Positioning into one AFO. If necessary, the RIBBY™ Orthosis provides the option of locking out the ankle while continuing to provide static adjustability of dorsiflexion or plantar flexion (+ or - 30º) to optimize patient function and control of the anatomical knee joint, thus allowing for proper biomechanical gait parameters for a safer ambulatory environment.

The RIBBY™ Orthosis is a fantastic and creative way to display your facility’s ability to provide excellent orthotic care that addresses the rehab patient’s needs 24/7, in a most cost-effective and yet profitable manner.

PDAC Approved L-1971

Some of our product variations are specialty items and have a 1-2 day turnaround

The RIBBY™ Orthosis features a unique, quick-disconnect design that permits rapid transition between various lining options and the use of a more conventional walking shoe. The quick-disconnect mechanism ensures a positive connection for each application to maintain the AFO's integrity during ambulation.

RIBBY™ Orthosis is one of the newest, innovative technologies from Anatomical Concepts.

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