Put Your Invention to Work!

All it takes is one good idea to change someone’s life for the better. At Anatomical Concepts, we’ve watched our ideas help individuals walk without pain and safely get back to doing what they love.

Now, we want to take that mission further than we ever thought possible…by helping inventors like you!

With our Product Launchpad program, we work with inventors to develop ideas from drawing board to prototype, and then help take them to market. It’s a process we’ve developed for more than 30 years, and now we’re sharing our expertise with you.


Why Work with Anatomical Concepts?

Good ideas are a precious commodity. But without the resources necessary for thorough research & development, production, distribution, and legal work, a good idea may never get off the ground.

Since 1990, we’ve designed, produced, and brought to market more than 20 industry-leading orthotic medical devices, including our keystone product, the PRAFO® orthoses – internationally recognized and used in medical facilities worldwide.

In addition to our team of licensed clinical practitioners, designers, and manufacturers, we rely on skilled marketing and distribution professionals to ensure our products are at the top of our clients’ list.


Who Can Use Product Launchpad?

Are you a health care provider who has noticed a consistent need among your patients? Or maybe you use an orthotic device and have an idea on how to make it better.

With Product Launchpad, we are your support system. Whether you have a partially built prototype or just a sketch on a napkin, we help you develop your concept, get the patents you need, and work through all the legal details so we can get your product to market quicker.

And with our in-house manufacturing capabilities, we can guarantee that the product will be 100% Made in the USA!

Product Launchpad Success Stories

We’ve successfully helped inventors like you take their products to market AND helped them earn some royalties in the process.

Read our success stories!