ABBY™ Articulating AFO

ABBY™ AFO Articulating Ankle Foot Orthosis

ABBY™ Articulating Ankle Foot Orthosis is a multi-functional posterior dual-jointed AFO for your patients in the earliest stages of rehabilitation. With a stable base of support for ambulation, it replicates the biomechanical effects of a semi-solid or PLS AFO. In addition, the ABBY™ has a heat-moldable foot orthosis that fits either left or right and delivers adjustable Dorsiflexion to 20º and Plantarflexion to 40º, along with Varus/Valgus adjustment capabilities all in one AFO system.

PDAC Approved L-1971


Abby™ AFO Features

A clinically proven and adjustable foot orthotic that provides better patient outcomes.

  • Adjustable foot length and calf height
  • Clinically proven multifunctional ambulatory articulated AFO
  • Adjustable dorsiflexion (+ or - 20º) Plantarflexion (+ or - 40º)
  • Heat-moldable foot orthotic
  • Compatible with all liner variations that we offer if applicable
  • Proven superior integrity of the superstructure
  • Secondary maintenance of soft tissue length and offloading
  • New non-skid low-profile plantar surface
  • Adjustable Varus/Valgus (+ or - 30º)
  • Open toe shoe provided at no extra cost
  • Secondary maintenance of soft tissue length and offloading
  • Available in Adult Standard # 653NPB and Pediatric Standard #553NPB


  • Patients in the earliest stages of acute and/or sub-acute rehabilitation
  • Immediate fit early Intervention in acute or sub for the evolving rehab patient
    • CVA,TBI,SCI and Diabetic neuropathy
  • Facilitation of functional knee and ankle joint position
    • Allows for optimal dorsi/plantar flexion ankle positioning to provide adequate clearance during swing phase and knee
      stability in stance phase
  • Post musculoskeletal injury of the foot and ankle
    • Post TAL immobilization 
    • Post Botox or serial casting
    • Stable fractures of the foot and ankle
    • Tendon or ligamentous tear/rupture


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