ABBY™ Articulating Ankle Foot Orthosis

ABBY™ Articulating Ankle/Foot Orthosis is a multi-functional posterior dual-jointed AFO for your patients in the earliest stages of rehabilitation. With a stable base of support for ambulation, it replicates the bio-mechanical effects of a semi solid or PLS AFO. The ABBY™ has a heat-moldable foot orthosis that fits either left or right and delivers adjustable Dorsi/Plantar flexion along with Varus/Valgus adjustment, both + or – 30º capabilities all in one AFO system.

PDAC Approved L-1971

ABBY™ (Dual Action) protected under U.S. Patent No 6,302,858

Some of our product variations are specialty items and have a 1-2 day turnaround

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