The following privacy policy describes our process of collecting data through our website and external applications and how we may use and disclose that information.    

Anatomical Concepts ensures that any medical, health or business information that personally identifies you, your business or patients is kept private and will be used or disclosed only in accordance with applicable law and this Privacy Policy.  


Our Commitment to Protecting your Business and Health Information: 

We collect information to properly connect you with the right resources regarding our products and carry out order processing for medical devices. We may also use contact information to benefit from certain marketing and educational features such as email subscriptions, tips/pointers and company updates. We do not disclose personal or business-related details to external vendors. This is for the protection of your business and your customers' privacy. 


Uses and Disclosures of Protected Information 

Your protected information may be used and disclosed by our office staff and others outside of our office who are involved in the process of providing you with products and services. Your protected health, personally identifiable and business-related information may also be used and disclosed for the following purposes:  


  1. Discussing Medical Treatment and Planning with the Referral Doctor
  1. Contacting Insurance Providers & Medical Billing Processing
  1. Workers Compensation
  1. Food and Drug Administration
  1. Public HealthRecords
  1. Legal Proceedings 


Demographic research may also be conducted and disclosed to trusted third-party partners for coordination and management purposes. We do not disclose personally identifiable information to marketing partners or vendors.  

If you have any questions regarding the following or would like to access the information we have in your file, please contact us here. 


- This notice became effective on October 28, 2020 -