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Posted by Anatomical Concepts on Nov 30, 2020 4:10:35 PM

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Injury, disability or other causes of decreased mobility don't have to keep your patient or loved one from experiencing a high-quality life. As their doctor, therapist or advocate, you play a critical role in helping your patient or loved one live life to the fullest – even if they can't get around as much as they'd like to. The good news is, we're here to help, too. 

As a leading provider of prefabricated and custom-made medical devices for upper and lower extremity needs, Anatomical Concepts helps medical professionals all over the world improve their patients' mobility and activity level, restore function and support their overall rehabilitation program. 

Whether you were recommended to us by a friend, relative or medical professional or discovered this article online, we're glad you're here. Your time is valuable, so here is a quick summary of how Anatomical Concepts is unique and best equipped to give your patient the best opportunity to achieve a more comfortable and healthier life.  

Team Values & Approach  

We believe the best way to ensure positive patient outcomes is to partner with other medical professionals to accurately understand a patient’s unique requirements and condition. We refer to this as a multidisciplinary team approach. When each team member has the patient's best interest in mind and offers their own individual expertise and perspective, success follows. 

Anatomical Concepts works directly with orthotists, physical therapists and physicians by developing customized treatment plans, rehabilitation schedules and bracing programs to solve complex biomechanical deficiencies. We take great responsibility in ensuring the patient receives the most comprehensive and quality care they need and deserve.    

Best of Both Worlds: Custom-Made & Prefabricated Orthotic Devices 


While both solutions are meant to accomplish the same goal – provide support for a patient's specialized needs – they are developed differently. As a full-service orthosis provider, Anatomical Concepts provides both custom-made and prefabricated solutions to better serve patients.  

Custom-made devices require a series of critical measurements and cast impressions taken for the appropriate lower extremity. These measurements help us construct a perfectly fitted, fine-tuned device for a patient's particular condition and size. These devices are customized based on the patient's specific needs. 

Prefabricated braces are available without the need for extensive measurements or cast impressions. These "off-the-shelf" orthotics are customized for patients by taking general measurements and making diagnostic adjustments to the equipment. These devices come in multiple, universal sizes with adjustable capabilities.  

Patented Expertise 

We are the original concept developer and only manufacturer of the PRAFO® orthosis, used by medical professionals worldwide. Our PRAFO® family of orthoses are modular and multifunctional designs that treat a wide range of conditions while providing superior comfort to patients of all ages and most sizes. 

The PRAFO AFO is a device worn on the calf and foot, similar to a boot, but with a distinct advantage - being fully modifiable and custom-fitted. By utilizing an adjustable aluminum single posterior upright, a patient, whether ambulatory or non-ambulatory, can use a PRAFO AFO to manage multiple lower-extremity conditions. 

The PRAFO® orthoses deliver zero pressure and shear at the heel – eliminating the main culprit of ulcerations and sores and providing a comfortable and effective environment for healing.  

Its unique mechanics and superior functionality include: 

  • Adjustable to calf and foot length and applied to either the left or right leg.
  • Only device to offer a fine adjustment of the dorsiflexion and plantarflexion or equinovarus and valgus to accommodate an existing deformity.
  • Built-in, highly secured, non-intrusive walking base safely mobilizes the patient during recovery. 
  • Only device to feature a modular metal upright section, securely holding the foot in place during movement. Together, the metal upright and walking base allow PRAFO designs to be utilized as an evaluation AFO immediately following a stroke and during rehabilitation to restore mobility. 

Commitment to Quality 

We are dedicated to being an industry leader in the orthotic and prosthetic, physical therapy and rehabilitation industries by providing the most innovative, qualitative and cost-effective orthoses in the industry. The primary objective of the Quality Management System (QMS) is to meet our customers' needs. We work to determine and define customer needs, and we strive to meet those needs in ways that ensure and increase customer satisfaction.  

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Made in the USA

We're proud to manufacturer all of our products right here in the United States and we also understand the importance of maintaining compliance to all worldwide, national and local laws and regulatory requirements that affect our products.  

For more information about our products and services, call 330-757-3569 or chat with us online. You can also check out our YouTube page, or connect with us on Facebook and LinkedIn. 


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