Since 1990, Anatomical Concepts, Inc. has developed industry-leading medical devices, custom-fit and custom-fabricated orthoses for both upper and lower extremities. It is a team of practitioners, designers, and manufacturers utilizing advanced technology to develop superior products that not only deliver effective outcomes, but present ease-of-use for the medical professional. The company is the original concept developer of the PRAFO® Orthosis used in medical facilities internationally.

Anatomical Concepts, Inc. is headquartered in Poland, Ohio and provides medical devices, services, and consulting both nationally and internationally. The company’s innovative product line has inspired the procurement of eleven US product patents. Providing solutions for medical professionals and helping to improve patient outcomes is still the driving force behind the corporation. Anatomical Concepts, Inc. products are FDA registered and also carry the CE marking.

All products are designed, manufactured, and trademarked by Anatomical Concepts, Inc. All Anatomical Concepts’ products are designed and manufactured with pride in the USA. Our high quality, superior-functioning products are cost-effective and deliver more positive patient outcomes. To learn more about Anatomical Concepts’ range of products, learning resources, and events, please call (800)-837-3888.

Our Mission

Anatomical Concepts, Inc. is dedicated in being an industry leader in the orthotic and prosthetic, physical therapy and rehabilitation industries by providing the most innovative, qualitative, and cost-effective medical devices servicing this industry today and into the future.

Customer Focus

The primary objective of the Quality Management System (QMS) is to meet the needs of our customers. We work to clearly determine and define customer needs, and we strive to meet those needs in ways that ensure and increase customer satisfaction. Anatomical Concepts, Inc. understands the importance of maintaining compliance to all worldwide, national, and local laws and regulatory issues that affect its products.


Anatomical Concepts, Incorporated was founded in 1990 as a manufacturer/supplier of quality custom-fit and custom-made orthoses. The corporation is dedicated to providing medical professionals with custom-fit and custom-made AFO’s, KAFO’s and KO’s that allow for adjustability and patient ambulation.

We are headquartered in Poland, Ohio and from this location, we are able to service accounts throughout the United States and abroad. In 1995, the company began an international business relationship and now has a presence in Saudi Arabia, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Italy, and the UK.

The philosophy of Anatomical Concepts, Inc. is to provide the highest quality customizable orthoses which is evident throughout the entire line of products developed by Anatomical Concepts, Inc. Offerings include the original concept design of the PRAFO® Orthosis and an entire line of multi-functional products to support the medical professional. The PRAFO® Orthosis and the other AFO products manufactured by the company are made with custom contoured aluminum heel connector bars that help to control plantar and dorsiflexion by allowing infinite measurable adjustments. Unique patient needs can be addressed with various patented systems capable of providing solutions for conditions as diverse as setting and monitoring the ankle foot complex in the sagittal, coronal and the transverse planes. From its inception the company has custom-made KAFO’s and also offers a new line of custom-fit and custom-made knee braces.

The company’s initial objective was to fill a void in the custom-fit AFO market which has inspired the procurement of multiple patents since the company’s inception in 1990. Some of these include patents for AFO accessories, knee products, and KAFO’s. The company also carries patents in several European countries. Providing solutions for medical professionals and helping to improve patient outcomes is still the driving force behind the corporation.