The Original. The Only PRAFO System

The Original.
The Only PRAFO® AFO System.

Since 1990, Anatomical Concepts has developed industry-leading orthotic medical devices which can be pre-fabricated or custom-made for upper and lower extremity needs. We are the original concept developer and only manufacturer of the PRAFO® orthosis, used in medical facilities worldwide. We are a dedicated team of licensed clinical practitioners, designers, and manufacturers utilizing advanced technology to develop superior products that not only deliver successful patient outcomes, but also present ease-of-use for the medical professional. We do not use PVC-based plastics, Kydex®, or Latex in any product which, when heated, can pose health risks to medical professionals and patients.


Custom Fabrication Services

Let us take the burden of fabrication off your Orthotic clinicians so they can have more quality time providing direct patient care!


Ask your Doctor for the RIGHT Orthosis! Please refer to our downloadable patient brochure for more information.


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