The ELLIOTT™ Patient Management System has revolutionized early knee rehabilitation by encompassing the proven success of custom-made and prefabricated devices into a multifunctional solution. The end result is a prefabricated lower limb orthotic system that’s readily available to treat and accelerate the rehabilitation process no matter the injury or patient size. This reduces inventory and costs as the ELLIOTT™ can be fitted on most adults and can be refurbished/sanitized for another patient, saving money in the long run.

Developed and manufactured by Anatomical Concepts, Inc., this multifunctional device features 11 options and is highly adaptable for acute and sub-acute settings, home health, neuromuscular and orthopedic rehabilitation environments. The ELLIOTT™ is unlike any other device on the market as it’s a prefabricated lower limb and definitive orthotic system featuring adjustability mechanisms to accommodate motor and sensory progress that are common with custom-made orthotics. This can minimize or even prevent impairments while maximizing function. In other words, ELLIOTT™ provides patients with the support to get up, ambulate and rehabilitate faster at a fraction of the cost or time compared with custom-made alternatives.

The ELLIOTT™ is a single posterior upright Knee Ankle Foot Orthoses (KAFO) with three separate Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) variations that can be used either as part of the KAFO system or individually as AFO’s. The AFO segment can be quickly separated from the Knee Orthosis (KO) segment enabling the rehabilitation team member to use the KO independent of the AFO if applicable. The PENTAGON® is the preferred knee joint capability that features five different control functions that can be tuned to the specific patients’ activity level and/or weaknesses of their lower extremity.

For example, if a patient just had knee replacement surgery and the doctor only wants 0 to 30 degrees of flexion motion at the knee, the adjustability mechanism on the ELLIOTT™ can be set to these specific parameters to limit motion at the knee to not exceed beyond 30 degrees.

In total, there are seven configurations of KAFO’s, KO and AFO’s with the ELLIOTT™. These built in, fully adjustable capabilities allow for accurate and effective joint positioning for gait and positioning augmentation to facilitate optimal outcomes.

There’s a cost savings without having to invest in early stage, custom-made devices until determined whether or not the patient is functionally capable for long-term orthotic interventions. A multipurpose design and multifunctional capabilities that is the ELLIOTT™ makes economical sense for hospitals and distributors. Yes, it’s important to have inventory on the shelves, but too much can add up in more costs than originally thought.

ELLIOTT™ makes bulky and complicated orthoses obsolete by taking the best of prefabricated and custom devices and creating a fully adjustable solution that’s versatile for any acute and sub-acute setting. This increases efficiency and minimizes impairment while maximizing functionality specific for the patient and medical professional. Plus, it fits most and is readily available, saving costs and inventory space. Most importantly, the ELLIOTT™ system helps people get moving in a positive direction.

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