Having a bright ideaEvery 25 seconds an adolescent ends up in the emergency room with a sports-related injury. Out of the millions of injuries presented to clinicians each year, the most common type involves the knee. Sprains, strains, tears or other injuries to the ligaments and tendons that connect and support the kneecap can result in sharp and excruciating pain. A widely recognized form of treatment for this type of injury is a knee immobilizer, which provides support, pain reduction and delivers compression. However, this type of therapy lacks the adjustability for certain cases and conforming the device to a patient can take extra time.

To provide more flexibility and less time to fit on a patient, we at Anatomical Concepts, Inc. had developed an APU, a jointed posterior heel connecting bar designed to use with our foot and ankle products to allow more positional capabilities around the region. It was at a tradeshow when Robert Lin, CPO, (Certified Orthotist/Prosthetist) viewed the design and suggested it would work even greater on a knee brace if the joint were positioned behind the knee.

All it takes is one good idea to change someone’s life for the better. This led to collaboration between our research and development team and Lin to develop a prototype that reconfigured the APU joint to work on a posterior upright knee brace. After evaluating and KAFOtesting the prototype, Anatomical Concepts applied for a patent and the rest was history. The Knee Management Orthosis (KMO) better serves patients experiencing knee problems as it offers infinite adjustability and can be locked in a fixed position of knee flexion or extension to assist with walking during rehabilitation training.

The KMO would not have come to fruition without Anatomical Concept’s Product Launchpad. Since 1990, we’ve designed and produced nearly two dozen industry-leading orthotic medical devices, including our flagship product, PRAFO® orthoses – internationally recognized and used in medical facilities around the world. Whether you’re a health care provider who has noticed a consistent need among patients or an individual with an orthotic device that has an idea to make it better, we are here to help!

The first step to turning your vision into a reality begins with you sharing your idea with us. From there, our team of licensed practitioners, designers and manufacturers will work with you to lay out the groundwork and develop a prototype through our in-house manufacturing capabilities that can be marketed and distributed to the top of our clients’ list. Also, we’ll take care of the legal details in order to get your product to the market quicker. You can make all the difference and help create a world where people walk without pain and safely get back to doing what they love.

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