Knee Orthoses

Our prefabricated knee orthoses showcase a single posterior joint design to provide an effective, simple fit—unlike traditional bulkier double upright designs. Our single posterior joint systems are indicated for many orthopedic and rehabilitative diagnoses to optimize outcomes for the patient and ease of application for the clinician. Our knee orthoses are cost-effective, patient-friendly, and offer the highest degree of quality patients deserve. In order to effectively meet the unique demands of each patient, we provide three unique variations of knee orthoses that focus on different functions that include: Static-progressive positioning for flexion and extension posterior jointed upright (KMO™) Static-progressive positioning for flexion/extension and varus/valgus posterior jointed upright (KMO™V-V) Multiple range of motion option with our (PENTAGON® Orthosis) Five Function Knee Joint, which offers Free Motion, Drop Lock, Variable ROM, Ratchet Lock and Lock Out features. Furthermore, our PENTAGON® features a unique, patented calf and thigh segments that dynamically shorten and lengthen with the patient’s extremity during active flexion and extension of the knee in order to properly track the anatomical knee joint and prevent any unwanted friction to the patient’s soft tissue.

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