Elbow Orthoses

With the newest development of our elbow orthoses line we present a cost effective, low profile, quick and easy fit design that simplifies the fitting process for the clinician and increases comfort for the patient while providing the necessary control and/or stability to address varying upper extremity and specific elbow etiologies. Let us help you decide which of our three unique single dorsal upright designs will benefit your patient the most.

The elbow product line consists of the EMO™, QUAD™, and E-ROM™ orthoses. EMO™, or Elbow Management Orthosis, provides immobilization for musculoskeletal injuries in a static, progressive positioning environment. The QUAD™ and E-ROM™ orthoses are joint systems that can also provide immobilization for musculoskeletal injuries, as well as feature a ratchet-style positioning ability or variable range of motion technique.

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