Strokes: What You Need To Know

Without proper orthotic treatment and early intervention, a stroke can leave patients with significant quality of life issues. Spasticity includes muscle stiffness and spasms, and can make it difficult to straighten one’s arms, legs, and fingers. This can lead to painful Musculoskeletal Contractures, or a loss of motion in a patient’s joints.


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compared to a cheaper inferior product.


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*Please note Anatomical Concepts does not sell its medical devices direct to patients as they would need to be custom fitted by a medical professional to ensure optimal fit and function. If you are a patient looking for one of our products, please consult with your doctor or call and speak to one of our customer service representatives and we can help refer you to a medical professional in your area. Anatomical Concepts, Inc. is the only manufacturer of the products listed on this website.

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After a stroke, it’s so important to ensure you or your loved one can move around the home easily and safely. Things you can do include:

  • Install grab bars and ramps
  • Put in raised toilet seats and tub benches
  • Replace shower heads with hand-held shower heads
  • Install plastic strips that adhere to the bottom of your tub or shower to help prevent slipping
  • Use electric toothbrushes and razors